Monday, January 6, 2014

FE Tip - Bodyweight #3 - The Sphinx Push-Up

The Sphinx Push-Up (one of my favorites)

Start in a  traditional plank position - however make sure palms are FACE DOWN.  Using the core (strong center) push your body up into a high plank or push-up position. Try and do it in ONE movement. Then slowly lower yourself back down to low plank. Repeat until muscle failure, i.e. can't possibly do one more!

Friday, January 3, 2014

FE Tip - Bodyweight #2 - The Bear Crawl

Now that you're done bugging out doing the Inchworm - time to embrace your inner grizzly and do the bear crawl! (Growling sounds are optional!)

Start on hands and knees, rise up on toes, tighten core, slowly reach forward with arms and legs (keeping hips down) until you've crawled across room, then go backwards- repeat 4-6 times. Grrr!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

FE Tip - Bodyweight #1 - Living Room Floor

Happy New Year!

Why go to a crowded gym with all the New Years Resolution people when you have a LIVING ROOM FLOOR!??

By month's end you will have an arsenal of BODYWEIGHT ONLY exercises you can do anywhere! And bodyweight exercises are a great way to improve strength, balance, and flexibility with zero extra equipment.

So get started with #1..


Stand up tall with legs straight. Get your fingertips to touch the floor with your legs remaining as straight as possible then slowly lower your torso toward the floor by walking your hands forward. Once in a push-up position, take tiny steps with your feet until they meet your hands. Keep bugging out for 4-8 reps!