Friday, November 8, 2013

FE Tip - Minimal Equipment/Maximum Benefit

Excuse #348 why I don't exercise:

"I want to work out at home but I don't have the space or money for equipment."

Two words: JUMPROPE and STAIRS

Cost about nothing and you probably have at least one of them already - even 2 stairs will do the trick!

Here's a quick 15-minute workout that will work both your heart AND muscles:

First Set:
  • 1 minute jump rope. If you don't have one you can pretend OR try these jump squats AND don't worry if you mess up! The point is to keep moving!
  • 1 minute - simply climbing stairs. If you only have one stair - do stepping up and down
Repeat 3 times, resting 30 seconds between each set.

Second Set:
  • place jump rope on floor in a straight line. Start in a push-up position on one side; walk your whole body over and back across the rope staying in push-up position with hips in line with shoulder 8-10 passes
  • Tricep dips or push-ups with hands on step 12-15 times
Repeat 3 times, resting 30 seconds between each set.

There you go - minimal equipment/maximum benefit!

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