Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fitness Everyday (FE) Tip - Balance Training

Everyone from 9 to 90 can benefit from BALANCE training!

What are you doing when you are walking or running?  That's right - essentially BALANCING on one leg!

So everyday find a time to simply stand on one leg 30 seconds or more- waiting for the train, the microwave, brushing your teeth)

You can progress it by doing it with your eyes closed but safety first!

By doing this you train your CORE , your inner stabilizing muscles, because they must be tight and engaged in order to remain stable.

Next try a Single Leg Squat ( link to video) to really engage those glutes and a greater balance challenge.

Be sure to take note of your more "wobbly" side- we all have one . Once you discover this- always start on that side when doing balance exercises!

Be consistent with this you'll reap the benefits for a lifetime!

Iron Tip from an Ironman

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